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Students of Literacy KC

With 2016 coming to an end and the holiday season in full force, it is common to find yourself reflecting on this past year. The Writers for Readers program, a partnership between UMKC's Creative Writing Program & Literacy KC,  gives our students the opportunity to express themselves in new, exciting, [...]

The Digital Skills Component of 21st Century Literacy

When you think of literacy, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of one of your favorite books, or a piece of notebook paper waiting to be covered in neat rows of writing. Maybe you think of your email inbox, full of unread emails needing to be answered. Or your [...]

Seeing the Change: A Literacy KC Experience

by Gabriell Smith I had the nervous feelings that everyone has had on their first day of work. The non-profit world wasn’t new to me, but this non-profit was new. Literacy KC welcomed me with open arms, of course. Between my coworkers, the students, and even my office (though it’s very [...]