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What do Volunteers do for Literacy KC?

At Literacy KC, we rely heavily on the participation and active engagement of volunteers. In 2016, over 300 volunteers served a total of 8,472.55 hours at Literacy KC, the equivalent of over four full-time staff members! According to The Independent Sector's rates for volunteer hours, the value of the work [...]

Students of Literacy KC

This post is part two of a three part series made possible by the Writers for Readers program, a partnership between UMKC’s Creative Writing Program & Literacy KC. It gives our students the opportunity to express themselves in new, exciting, and more imaginative ways all while improving basic reading and [...]

Ticket To Read 2016 Recap

At Literacy KC, 2016 was a year full of student progress and development! Our flagship program, Ticket to Read, meets students where they are both academically and geographically. Adult learners complete a basic literacy assessment before joining the Ticket to Read class that will best meet their learning needs. Classes are [...]