Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy 2017-10-20T16:27:22+00:00

At Literacy KC, we believe in the multifaceted nature of literacy, including digital literacy. All Ticket to Read program students complete a Digital Life Skills class where students review the basics of computers, learn new skills, and become familiar and comfortable with using our on-site community computer lab. Digital literacy instruction is embedded in all of our programs, where we utilize everything from educational applications for family reading to Khan Academy for math skills. Digital skills have become a necessity in today’s society, so we reach beyond the traditional pen and paper instruction methods. Literacy KC is pleased to host a full-time Digital Inclusion Fellow, who works both inside our walls and out in the community to ensure access, devices, and digital training for all.

“Literacy skills have opened the door to computer skills for me, and now I am on my way to a better job.”

–Peggy, Student