The Best Sellers List

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A monthly gift to Literacy KC is an easy way to help us change lives beyond words. Your reoccurring gift allows us to make strategic decisions in a sustainable way, such as how many classes we can offer each term and ensuring we can invest in the best instructional resources for our students.

Our monthly giving program, The Best Sellers List, provides donors with great benefits:

  • Local Best Seller- $5/month- quarterly events exclusive to the Best Sellers List
  • State Best Seller- $10/month- Literacy KC journal & quarterly events
  • Regional Best Seller- $15/month- Literacy KC coffee mug, journal, & quarterly events
  • National Best Seller- $25/month- Literacy KC T-shirt, coffee mug, journal, & quarterly events
  • International Best Seller- $35+/month- Pair of tickets to Books, Brains, & Boulevard, T-Shirt, coffee mug, journal, & quarterly events
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Many workplaces offer to match their employee’s giving: please contact your HR Manager to learn how to match your gifts.

“It is my genuine goal to help make everyone I can better at reading. Literacy KC is focused on a sector of the community that needs their assistance. They foster a sense of community that is over and above their mission. My wife and I are monthly givers to Literacy KC because it is good for organizations to know that they have a consistent stream of income; we wanted to help build that.

-Sandy, Literacy KC Supporter