Volunteer FAQs

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Thank you for your interest in Literacy KC. Your volunteer experience with us helps to change lives!

All volunteers who are new to Literacy KC participate in the tutor training, regardless of prior experience. The process and requirements for volunteers to participate in our program allow you to make an informed decision about the appropriateness of the volunteer activity and the commitment required of you. Literacy KC’s primary goal is to ensure learning success for our students and to enable them to achieve personal, educational and job-related goals.  It’s beneficial to have those with prior experience be a part of the workshop conversations because they are able to contribute ideas and expertise that may help new tutors feel even more prepared to tutor.
The next step is to complete volunteer orientation.  Please contact us at volunteer@literacykc.org or (816) 333-9332 to set up a session.
The amount of time it takes students to complete the program will vary depending upon their goals and their starting literacy level. Many students stay in the program for two or more years, while others achieve their goals in less time.
No. You receive 9 hours of training. After the first six hours, you will begin tutor work within one of our programs. You then return a few weeks later for an additional three hours of training and the opportunity to discuss your tutoring experiences, ask questions, and hear from existing tutors and students.
During each term, the time commitment for a tutor is usually 30 minutes of collaboration time and 90 minutes of classroom tutoring two times a week (total about 4 hours/week). Those who tutor for a weekend class will commit to 4 hours one day/week. Occasional absences are understandable and acceptable, but we ask that you commit to a 12-week term in order to give our students the consistency and feedback they need to learn effectively. We understand events may interrupt occasionally, but an ability to work with students twice a week for most weeks is important to assure they get the practice and feedback they need to make steady progress.
Under our classroom model, tutors go through about 9 hours of instructional training and are asked to commit to a 12-week tutoring term. Tutors complete 6 hours of training and then are assigned to a small class to collaborate with a Literacy KC instructor and other tutors.  The final 3 hours of training are completed after tutors have had a few weeks of experience working in the program.  Tutor assignments are based on student reading level and class enrollment. Your preferences on time, level and location of classes are considered when scheduling assignments, but are not a guarantee of assignment until final student enrollment numbers are determined each term.
There are many volunteer needs within the organization including digital instruction, math tutoring, office support, special event help, community outreach, student outreach and small one-time projects.   Volunteer Orientations last 1 hour and are scheduled twice a month.

You can visit the Organization Calendar to view all of the upcoming orientation dates.  If you are interested in becoming a literacy tutor, additional training is required.